Perahu Kertas 2

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Perahu Kertas 2
Release Date: October 4, 2012
 Genre: Drama
 Cast: Maudy Ayunda, Duke dolken, Reza Rahadian, Elyzia Mulachela, Tio Pakusadewo, Ira Wibowo, Ben Kasyafani
 Quality: DVD

 In Jakarta, Keenan undergo long-distance love relationship with Luhde (Elyzia Mulachela) living in Bali. Medium Kugy grow closer to Remi (Reza Rahadian), who is also a supervisor at the advertising agency advocado.Keenan returned the book to the General Pilik Kugy. Kugy handwriting book is what has been the inspiration for his paintings. Keenan and Kugy reunion brings back the idea of ​​them both: Kugy writing children's stories, and Keenan made the illustrations. As a result, job performance Kugy plunged, thus the reason for the Siska (Sharena) to criticize the closeness Kugy and Remi.On one occasion, all employees advocado holiday to Bali. Incidentally, Kugy met Luhde. in a temple. Both are easy to get along, and mutually admire each other. When Kugy write address, Luhde pensive because he saw the handwriting Kugy it. He recognized the writing of the book that made General Pilik Keenan's paintings are so alive.When I met Remi, Kugy showed some pictures at the temple. Kugy not think it turned out Remi Luhde know earlier than Kugy, and told the niece Luhde Pak Wayan (Tio Pakusadewo). Not only that, Remi said that Luhde Keenan is a sweetheart. Kugy realized that he liked painting, framed in the office every day advocado he saw it was a painting Keenan. Kugy also realized that the painting was inspired by his book General Pilik. Not finished arranging her Kugy, Remi gave the ring to prove its seriousness.Coming home from Bali, Kugy Keenan and trying to avoid Remi. He settles down to the Karel (Ben Kasyafani), her sister. Keenan who feel lost even looking Kugy. Through Noni (Sylvia Fully R), Keenan knows that the first Kugy abstain from Keenan, as well as Noni and Eko (Fauzan Smith), because actually Kugy love Keenan, but are hampered by the proximity of Keenan and Wanda (Kimberly Ryder).Keenan decided to meet Kugy to complete their pent-up feelings. The incidents then braid, matching and separate hearts, alternating between Kugy, Keenan, Remi, Luhde, and also Siska along with the other people around them. Even Pak Wayan reveals how relationship and both parents Keenan, Lena (Ira Wibowo) and Adri (August Melasz).
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