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Radio Galau FM

Release Date: 13 September 2012
Genre: Drama | Comedy
Cast: Jordi Onsu, Indri Giana, Natasha Rizki, Alisia Rininta, Dimas Anggara
Quality: VCDRip
Encoder: Salantud
Subtitle: -
For three years, Bara did not have a boyfriend. Over the last three years to spend the night Bara dikamar week, going out with a laptop and pursue his dream of becoming a writer. For three years there was only one thing that is constant in life Bara: troubled.
Bara turmoil ended when the present figure Velin, funny class brother who later became his girlfriend. Together Velin, Bara into a new world full of color. Together Velin, Bara lives become more beautiful and enjoyable.
But, during good times together Velin not last long. Velin sweet slowly transformed into a spoiled and annoying. Velin changed, Bara began stifling. Bara trying to find a solution, but the attitude becomes increasingly dramatic Velin. Velin even to attempt suicide and it does make Bara upset again.
Amid the turmoil Bara, attendance figures Diandra, seniors are beautiful, sexy and mature. Diandra makes Bara comfortable. Diandra makes Bara happy. Diandra makes Bara forget Velin. Unfortunately, it was more dramatic than Velin Diandra and it makes Bara increasingly troubled.
Originally Bara thought her presence would make him no longer upset. But it Velin and Diandra even make Bara troubled national level.
How Bara face Velin and Diandra? What to do to repel kegalauannya Bara? Answer you can get at Radio FM Galau
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